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the cute little thingy up there is by



Some yogmeet photos I took (except for the one of Kim, and myself (as Mandrew!))
I would have posted these sooner but I forgot my tumblr password.

if you’ve never seen Jesse Cox and Crendor reading pitbull lyrics,

its right here and it’s beautiful

hey that post looks familiar

mayaoishiina asked
i was on your blog the other day and my girlfriend looked over and saw the tittle of the tab 'u kinky walrus' and now she thinks i have a thing for walrus, so thanks


your icon doesn’t help the situation

mayaoishiina asked
wow wa wee wa


You are my:
[] Acquaintance 
[x] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[x] Other (reason I got into the Yogscast, along with Winter)

I think you’re:
[] Ugly
[x] Hella rad
[] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[x] Sexy (don’t tell Fiona shhhh)
[] Hot
[x] Cute 

We should:
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love 
[] Text
[] Watch films
[x] Talk (it’s been ages since we chatted about nonsense)

[x] Like You
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[x] Think you’re …(hilarious and I miss your poems)

I secretly:
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Like You
[] Dislike You
[x] Think You’re …(a big fucking dork)

Should you reblog this?
[x] Yes
[] No

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It may be hard to tell, but this is indeed me!  I made it when I first bought my studio mic and put it into a video ages later, which was now ages ago!

Here’s the full video it came from if you want to hear.

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