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I’ll make a pool man out of you.


so the yogs were talking about disney song covers so i wrote out this for kim and nilesy if he ever took her as his apprentice.

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This was sent to the yogscast gmail account at least 40 times in the last hour. I love it so much!!


This was sent to the yogscast gmail account at least 40 times in the last hour. I love it so much!!

To celebrate 600 followers (bit late oops)



To tie into my sudden love of letter writing and to encourage me to write more I will pick 3 peeps out of whoever reblogs this (likes can be used as bookmarking) and hand-write them a fic or a poem or whatever and post it over! 


Now, this is for my followers so it’d be nice if you followed lil ol’ me

You have until AUGUST 4TH to reblog this (gives me some time to write it before I’m back in school)

Hat Films
Yogscast (if it isn’t something I ship I’ll give it a go!)
Skulduggery Pleasant
The Fault in Our Stars
I could try Les Mis but it would be 50/50
Same goes for Marvel but I might have a bit more luck

If you don’t want something fandom related that’s perfectly fine!
I’ll write a poem or a shitty story about a potato becoming president or whatever!

I apologise for my shitty writing/handwriting in advance

So yeah


I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole

This was super fun to redraw! ( if a little tedious but yeah <; )


please stop making comics about the stereotypical jock boy beating up the stereotypical nerd boy and somehow incorporating love. do not write them under posts about physical indicators of soulmates (glowing chests, names on wrists) and better yet, don’t reblog that shit when you see it!

stop living in this weird fantasy world where anyone’s secretly meant to be with their abuser forever. I can’t believe this is a text post I need to make

Summing Alsmiffy in one quote : “Whoever I killed, who ever I burned, I probably meant it.”

purplebandannaguy replied to your post “i want an exotic shorthair”

there’s some cats that dont trigger allergies they’re just hella expensive

noblemaidensweets replied to your post “i want an exotic shorthair”

hair isnt what people are usually allergic to, usually it’s cat spit. And it can help if you keep a cat inside instead of letting it outside. shorter hairs are better because they don’t lick themselves quite as much as longhairs, but mostly you have to keep yourself updated on allergy shots/pills which can be the most expensive part of owning a cat while being allergic. but gosh dang cats are so worth it
thanks for the advice friends, im staying in a house with 3 cats so im pretty much drugged up every day