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How much Sjips would a Sjips shipper ship if a Sjips shipper could ship Sjips?

A Sjips shipper would ship as much Sjips as a Sjips shipper could ship if a Sjips shipper could ship Sjips.




oh you like that character?


you love them?


you’re obsessed?






I don’t believe you


The last one killed me, omfg.

Shrines and a cult …… Ok,

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Could you maybe speed up/slow down “It’s not me!”?

im still kinda annoyed the magic police changed their outfits to ugly ones

Sips has spent multiple minecraft series trying to make a dirt factory and so far hasn’t made one.

Duncan managed to make one in a series where they started with almost nothing.

I’m gonna go to be(watch youtube on my phone in bed)d, night!


A few years ago Simon was a total asshole, saying misogynistic things left and right. One example is him saying “Have women invented shutting the fuck up?” to a maybe 19 year old Hannah who was defending the importance of women in history by listing the things they have invented.

Today he watches Feminist Frequency videos and openly tweets about them and mocks people that started a wave of hate against women after Kim appeared in a video.

He’s just one guy but it kinda gives me hope that sexist jerks with ego-centric world views can change a LOT. I don’t know exactly how this happened but I feel it is really good it did happen.


evilisa has been harrassing fandomanon and static-and-glitter for months, and just singled them out as the reason why she wants to commit suicide In this main tag for some reason.

She has been harassing these people for months, among other people, who lexi and alex have been defending, and now she’s accusing them of bullying her to the point of suicide where they were only responding to her harassment.

Please don’t take her accusations seriously. I promise you that lexi and alex are not the bad guys here.